the Artist

Dallas Wooten

Dallas Wooten was born in Louisville, Ky, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from Indiana University Southeast, right across the river. Upon graduating, he attended Ohio University’s graduate program and graduated with his Masters in Fine Arts in Ceramic in 2020.

Wooten utilizes the flaws, blemishes, and marks created in the process of making, and recontextualizes them within intricate patterning inspired by traditional status-imagery, patterns, and materials. The work aims to take process and residual information left by the hand to emphasize the importance of the human mark within the context of status-informed pottery.

Wooten recently moved to Hackettstown NJ and has begun setting up his studio to work as a full-time potter.


About Our Partnership

Wooten Clayworks’ Virtual Artist series was created as an initiative to provide and curate quality education and connections within the community, as well as another source of financial stability for centers and artists.


Sharing mutual goals, MISSA and Wooten Clayworks partnered together and are proud to offer this great workshop opportunity to our audience’s at an affordable rate and work to strengthen our communities resources and opportunities.