the Artists

Dallas Wooten

Dallas Wooten was born in Louisville, KY, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from Indiana University Southeast in 2017. Upon graduating, he attended Ohio University’s graduate program. During that time, he was awarded a 2018 LEAP (Lydon Emerging Artist Award) finalist.


Wooten has recently graduated with his Masters in Fine Arts from OU and moved to Sharon, PA as an Artist-in-Residence at Hope Center for Arts and Technology, Inc. Currently, Wooten teaches classes at HopeCAT as well as Youngstown State University. He is the founder of Wooten Clayworks and has been working on establishing his studio to launch full-time later this year.


View his work at dallaswootenceramics.com 

Justin Paik Reese

Justin Paik Reese was born and raised in Youngstown, OH where he currently still lives and works. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design. He now works as a studio potter, with a private studio and soda kiln. Some of his influences include 90’s pop culture, local hometown architecture, and Korean culture and patterning. He fires to cone 10/11 in his soda kiln, often looking for rich carbon-trapping with bright, electric celadons. 

View his work at jpr-studio.com

Hayun Surl

Hayun Surl is a native from South Korea. There, he received his undergraduate degree in interior design from Hansung University. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics at Ohio University.


Before coming to the US, Surl had a two-year apprenticeship pursuing Korean traditional pottery and kiln design. Since beginning his graduate studies, he has expanded upon these techniques in his practice. In his work, Surl is excited about melding Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies. His work is heavily inspired by his background in interior design--dealing with space and how the subject evokes a response within the viewer. For Surl, pottery is another form of space.  He pursues simplicity through understatement.  Simple forms can accentuate the contour of the work, often exhibiting the boldness and clarity of design by contrasting the object within the space.

View his work at yoonspottery.com


About Our Partnership

Wooten Clayworks’ Virtual Artist series was created as an initiative to provide and curate quality education and connections within the community, as well as another source of financial stability for centers and artists.


Sharing mutual goals, MISSA and Wooten Clayworks partnered together and are proud to offer this great workshop opportunity to our audience’s at an affordable rate and work to strengthen our communities resources and opportunities.