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About Us

The newly formed Wooten Clayworks is in the process of establishing a production studio where our talented team will be creating high-quality, affordable ceramic-ware and building opportunities to support the ceramic community.


We recognize that access to education and community is difficult during these times, not to mention maintaining a sustainable livelihood as an artist. In response to this, Wooten Clayworks’ Virtual Artist Series was created as an initiative to provide and curate quality education and connections within the community, as well as another source of financial stability for centers and artists. Educating one’s audience is one of the most difficult tasks of an artist. We believe that, by working together to navigate these times, we can educate a larger audience about the importance of handmade objects and ceramic study.

We also aim to create apprenticeship and residency opportunities within the ceramics field in the future. These opportunities will be suited for those interested in a rigorous, academic-level education to push their work forward with hands-on experience. We offer feedback from not only ceramicists, but also painters, graphic designers, and business consultants, to help students learn every aspect of becoming an artist.

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