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Artist Feature

Laura Nave Lorenzen

This body of work derives from my personal experiences of growing up in South Texas and living in the American Southwest, where snakes, scorching temperatures and wildflowers alike are a part of daily life. Parts of these plants and animals, such as the spots of extrafloral nectaries on cactus, the curve of a beetle’s exoskeleton, and protrusions of dried bones, are distilled into the forms of my functional pottery. The unglazed dry exteriors of the translucent porcelain resembles a sun-bleached consciousness that’s only attainable in a desert summer. While the blue interiors cool you down as much as the ever welcomed monsoon rains. Pinching and coil building brings a softness to the harsh yet beautiful ecologies that influence my work. By introducing these spikes to the dinner table, a hopefully safe space to exchange ideas, the pots are a metaphor for learning to be vulnerable and find playfulness in an often tough world.

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