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Student Sponsorship Program

Wooten Clayworks values and supports diversity within the artistic community. We recognize that the more voices that share within the arts, the more enriching and powerful the community becomes. We encourage all artists from all walks to participate in our workshops and we strive to make them accessible. We have begun our “Sponsor A Student” campaign to fulfill this goal. 


With the help of sponsors, we seek to provide students from historically underrepresented and under-resourced backgrounds a ticket to participate in our Virtual Artist Workshops. If you fall into one of the below categories, we encourage you to apply. To do so, use the submission form to apply for a sponsored ticket, and in the message box tell us about your background and your goals in attending our workshops. Please note: we cannot guarantee a ticket to everyone--sponsorships will be awarded based on the order that they come in and how many sponsor donations we receive. We will keep a list of applicants and give them the option to take the current workshop or access the recording of one of the past workshops once sponsorship funds are available. 


To qualify for the sponsorship program, applicants must identify as one of the following: 



• Native American/ First Nations


• Person with a disability

• Currently enrolled college students (considered last based on number of applications.)


We will email you a confirmation once we accept your application and sponsorship funds are available.

Workshop Sponsorship Application

Thanks for submitting!

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